Double Mitre saw

DHC front

Model no : DHC450A

For cutting of Aluminium Sections

Automatic tilting of head angles for 45 degree & 90 degree

Hydro pneumatic system for Aluminium profiles

Cooling system for increasing life span of Blades

Saw blade diameter 450mm so can cut wider profiles

Manually set angles between 45 & 90 degrees

HMI for feeding cutting length

High accuracy measurement system

Single & both head operation possible

Additional conveyor support for profiles in the movable head

Two hand operation for cutting

Horizontal & Vertical clamp support for high accuracy cutting

Safety guards in both heads for operator safety

Cutting speed can be adjusted

For DHC 450M

Cutting length can be adjusted by moving heads

Scale measurement for length adjustments

Technical Details

Power 400V 3PH 50Hz

Saw motor speed 2800 rpm

Power 3 KW

Saw blade OD 450mm

Maximum cutting width 135mm

Maximum cutting length 3500mm

Minimum cutting length 450mm

Air pressure 6 bar

Air consumption 50 lt/min

Machine height 1800mm

Machine width 1200mm

Machine length 4100mm

Machine weight 900 kgs for DHC 450A, 800 kgs for DHC 450M