Drain slot router


For 3P model 3 Bosch motors

Three motor mounts – Top angled, Front & Down

For 2P model 2 Bosch motors

Two motor mounts – Top angled & Down

Motor speed 30000 RPM

Each motor power ranges 0.5 kW

Ver?cal clamping system

Individual/Combined motor opera?on

Automated stroke movement

Rou?ng width varies 20 – 50mm

Easy to adjust with clamping levers

3 ways of adjustment for Top angled motor

Maximum profile height 125 mm

Maximum profile width 100mm

Collect size 6mm

Technical Details

Power input 220 V, 50-60 Hz

Air pressure 6-7 bar

Air consump?on per cycle 12 l

Overall dimensions 600X780X1200 mm

Weight of the machine 108kgs