Glazing bead Saw



Digital Glazing bead saw

Cutting of bead profiles

Cuts bead profiles in 45 degree angle

Special saw blades positioned for cutting clips at 45 degrees

Servo system for automatic bead length measurement

HMI Display for feeding the desired length for cutting

Automatic feed of blades with adjustable speed

Four saw blades (Set of 100mm dia& 200mm dia) positioned to cut two pieces

Special block arrangement for different types of beads

Vertical clamping system

Simple push button for cutting of beads

Different Blocks for different company bead profiles

Digital Conveyor with measuring size upto 2500 mm

GBS 2100A

Digital conveyor is replaced with manual scale conveyor

Technical Details

3 Ph 380 V, 50-60Hz

Power Output 1.5 kW

Working Pressure of 6 bar

Air consumption 30l/min

Overall dimensions 510X1390X1280 mm

For GBSCN 2100A Conveyor dimensions  2600X890X980 mm

Weight of the machine 188kgs

Conveyor weight 210 kgs

* Customised machines with different options available on special request

# Weights and dimension of machines, as well as performances can be changed or modified at any time without notice.