Profile laminating machines


LM 300 W3 S

Profile Lamination Machine for the application of PVC foils on PVC profiles by using

double component solvent based adhesive.

Type of adhesive : Double Component solvent based adhesive

Type of profile to be wrapped : PVC

Type of foil : PVC

Max. Profile width : 300 mm

Max. Foil width : 300 mm

Maximum working speed : 0-6 m/min

Total power : 9 kW

Motor Power : 0,55 kW

Pressure air : 6 Bar

Voltage : 380 Volts

Frequency : 50 Hz


Technical Specification

  1. Bedframe and driving group:

– Bedframe basis composed of 9 sets of transport wheels each set consisting of 2

wheels. The width of wheel is 16 mm. and driven by AC electric motor with electronic

speed controller enables a proceeding speed of 0-6 m/min;

-Set screw opening system for the easy adjustment of transport wheels;

2.Glue application unit:

– Teflon coated Tank for polyurethane glue with slot nozzle application head

adjustable in width and volume;

– Evaporation and pre-drying tunnel, counter current glue drying execution with

electronic temperature control and chain roller foil pulling device with magnetic

fixing plate for easy start up;

3.Foil unwinding system:

– Foil roll feeding system with brake and fixing device;

  1. Wrapping tools:

-50 pieces different type of slicone rubber, plastic and metal pressing rollers;

– Height adjustable type first, wide pressing roller;

  1. Heating systems:

– 2 pcs. electronic air heaters for glue reactivation and drying;

6.Protection foil application unit:

-Spool for application of protection film on wrapped profiles and panels;

7.Electric cabinet with all necessary controls:

– Electrical control cabinet with all necessary control devices and emergency stop


– Remote control with cable for forward and backward directions;