Reinforcement Punching machine


Reinforcement Punching Machine


>Hydraulic press for locks with a fast and accurate perforation for the casing, handleand lock hole in a pipe.

>Pipe thickness can be of 2mm. No matter the material, it can either punch normalsteel, galvanized steel or stainless steel.

> The perforation of the lock hole and the handle could be combined, it means we can punch a pipe with lock and handle on both ends, as we can as well make either the handle or the lock in the other.

> Hydraulic punching system.

> Safety pedal.

> Operation time 58 secodns (approximately).

> Type of keyhole: Bombin.

> Type of material: M.S., S.S., Galvanized steel…



Technical Characteristics


Engine power0,75 KW / 1 HP


Three-phased tension230 / 400 V


Dimensions1500x570x1470 mm


Weight 200 Kg


Pipe thickness2mm