Ra Workshop- Aluminum, uPVC and Wood Design Joinery Software for Windows and Doors with Cutting Optimization for CNC

Ra Workshop is the best software for windows and doors industry – from resellers and dealers, to manufacturers and suppliers. Ra Workshop can use aluminum, vinyl (uPVC/PVC) or wood profiles and is able to design and compute a great variety of products (windows, doors, shutters, roller shutters, insect screens, roller insect screens, panels, etc.). The application is flexible and has a friendly interface that will help you design window and door estimations in minutes. Our cutting optimization algorithm gives greatest results in order to use your aluminium, pvc, wood profiles with minimal losses. If you have a CNC cutting machine our software can connect to them and send all cutting optimization information for process automation.

Built on the latest technology, Ra Workshop meets the needs of window & door fabricators regardless of their size – from small to very large businesses. Using Ra Workshop gives your company a real advantage – from increased sales performance to automated production.

Our mission is to make Ra Workshop the best joinery software in the world. Our teams are working every day to add new window and door design features, to add new profile systems and new fitting systems to our databases and to enhance the computing performance of Ra Workshop. We look forward to becoming our customer and we assure you that we will assist you along the way so you will have the maximum benefit from your Ra Workshop experience.


  • A comprehensive software order entry system supplied to your clients can assist you in developing a strong customer loyalty program
  • Improves productivity at the front office by eliminating re-entry
  • Software with great designed PVC reports that improve clients orders conversion
  • Best PVC offering Ra Workshop software package: Ra Workshop Express


  • Production Scheduling. Different PVC Windows and Doors can be selected from different offers to be manufactured and optimized together.
  • Production Management and Automation. Ra Workshop CNC is an software add-on with which you can generate the necessary data for the machines with numerical command (CNC – Computer Numerical Control). Controlling the PVC machines using Ra Workshop software assures an increased working speed and eliminates losses generated by employees that operate the machines.
  • Product Design. An enginier can review PVC quotations projects made on selling departments and he can make changes to the properties and materials of selected project assuaring himself that the project is manufacturing error free.
  • Materials Management. The nature of the PVC industry is that it processes raw materials into finished product and therefore requires inventory control using process and assembly functionality.
  • Software provide with a full range of standard production reports, each designed for specific work areas.
  • Best PVC manufacturing Ra Workshop software package: Ra Workshop Advanced Professional.


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