Stone cutting machines


DT1325 Heavy Stone CNC router machine


  1. Model: DT-1325-1
  2. Internationally advanced NC studio system which have memory of breakpoint can guarantee resumption of processing

in case of incident (breaking) or of work of the previous day.

  1. Imported linear square rails, double big slider, loading capacity, smooth operation, high precision, long life, accurate


  1. Constant power spindle motor, strong and accurate cutting, high efficiency.


Granite, marble, bluestone, sandstone, glass and stone carving.

Technical parameter:

NO Performance index Performance index Parameter Optional

1 Working area X area 1300mm 2000

Y area 2500mm 5000

Z area 300mm 500

2 Table size 1300mm*2500mm 2200mm*3000mm

3 Accuracy Working precision 0.05mm

Repositioning precision 0.05mm

4 Drive mode X axis Rack gear

Y axis Rack gear(dual-moter)

Z axis Screw

5 Speed Max traverse speed 30000mm/min

Max engraving speed 8000mm/min

6 Spindle (water-cooling) Spindle power 3KW 1.5KW—5.5KW

Spindle speed 0—24000r/min

7 Working mode Stepper

8 Operating voltage AC220V/50HZ

9 Command code G code

10 Operating system Weihong 53C

11 Net weight 2520KG