TAES offers all types of engineering solutions such as Re-modification of control equipment, process based systems, assembly lines, up gradation of machineries for application based industries . We also offer AMCs for industries such as fabrication (Aluminium, UPVC, Steel, Copper etc.) and process industries (Paper, Sugar, Automobile, Tyre etc.). We do cater into consultancy for setting up Aluminium and UPVC doors & windows fabrication units. We provide one stop solution by sourcing spares and tools to cut off down time for your productivity. Our in house workshop supports repairing of control equipment in further reducing the downtime.


  • We offer AMC for PLC/CNC/SPM based machine irrespective of type of application. We take annual maintenance contracts with most type of industry having diverse range of machine and provide them one stop solution (AMC) for all their technical woes.
  • Our 24*7 services, whether on site or through remote support keeps the machines running with minimum downtime. We have vast experience and expertise in providing the AMC for All types of automated machines having different sets of controllers.
  • Our engineer’s skill helps the customer in maintaining the machine by smart scheduling of Preventive and Predictive maintenance tasks, which ensures the smooth run of machine without any interruption in good working.
  • Our Feedback mechanism takes care of routine visit of companies which ensures all preventive and predictive checks / tasks are done on time with their scheduled visits with proper documentation.
  • It is a very well-known fact that mostly production is effected by poor performance or unplanned failure of your automation assets because of unskilled maintenance engineers, can significantly convert it into big loss which directly effects your revenue.
  • With a Preventive Maintenance Service, in which we offer you best services to maintain your all PLC/CNC/SPM machines in good running condition. We have a dedicated team for AMC which ensures all preventive and predictive checks / tasks are done on time with their scheduled visits.


  • Our in-house repair specialists can repair most of Programmable logic controllers and Human machine interfaces of popular brands such as Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Delta, Omron, Siemens and more.
  • TAES also provides repairing services for Variable frequency drives (AC/DC) of all major brands Danfoss, ABB, Siemens, telemachanique, Control techniques, Mitsubishi, Omron, Yaskawa etc. and Servo drives brands such as ABB, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Lenze, Control Techniques and more. Our custom load testing process can dynamically load test most of the VFDs and Servo drive Systems, this helps us to consistently produce reliable servo & VF drive repairs.


  • Our proactive Onsite support module effectively meets all the challenges coming out of modern machineries/technologies with a well-equipped knowledge base of hardware and software aspects, it commendably increase MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).
  • Our support offerings range from next business day onsite support to 4 hour same day, All India Onsite support. We aim to provide you with the highest possible level of customer service at affordable cost without compromising on quality standards.
  • We facilitate surveys and management programs to improve the maintenance bottlenecks such as energy saving, equipment life, spare part planning, Quality norm implementation etc.
  • When you call us we assign you with an experienced technician who can provide you with an ‘end-to-end’ resolution to your problem. Our technician will assess your situation, before recommending a course of action.


  • We provide off site support through internet and telephone, Our Off site engineer will be available throughout the day to solve your machine issues through telephone.
  • We will also provide the small and simple instructions file to instruct the procedures to be carried out by your company maintenance person.

If you have any issue regarding your machineries irrespective of any industry, PLC/CNC/Conventional type/Automatic line just mention your problem along with your company details and mail to [email protected]