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Welcome to Teleios Automation & Engineering Services (I) Pvt Ltd.
Teleios Automation is a UPVC/ Aluminum window making machine manufacturer. We have completed 10 years in the field of upvc/ Aluminum in 2022. In these 10 years we have created world-changing technology that has improved everyone's life in the world of uPVC and aluminum. Teleios Automation and our people have had a profound impact on the world. Today we are working towards enabling our customers to fully leverage the power of technology. We are constantly working to advance the design and manufacture of machines to help our customers solve their biggest difficulties. Machine building is our passion, and we are dedicated to helping our customers reach their goals. You will find a realistic machine that matches your needs and your goals. Keeping in mind the nuances that should be taken care of in making upvc windows and doors, we make our machines so that you can provide the best products to your customers.We have designed in house 50+ machine. We have a highly qualified team and best designers and developers. We know how to get results in real technology. And we generate authentic design with the help of metrics.
So when you decide to choose us as your machine manufacturer, you are making the right decision.

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Welcome! We have completed 10 years in the field of upvc/ Aluminum in 2022. In these 10 years...

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